Over 1300 grape varieties, planted in more than 6000 wine regions, divided over all six continents. It might seem overwhelming in the beginning, but it soon gets amazingly challenging and adventurous.

For how wonderful is it to be on an endless voyage of discovery?

Every day there is something new to discover. Tasting surprising wines, meeting passionate winemakers, wandering around in old vineyards and exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Knowing what you like is one thing, but it only becomes really interesting once you know why you like it. Wine tasting is so much more fun when you know just that little extra. Like learning how to distinguish different grape varieties. Being able to deduce the origin of the wine. Or to recognize different winemaking techniques in aroma and taste.

As professional winelover I will guide you through the world of wine and will teach you the ins and outs of wine tasting.

 I would love to take you on an adventure!

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Jenny van Lieshout

Wine Sensation Seeker
Vintage:  1980

EXPERIENCE in teaching

WSET wine educator: since 2010


WSETDip: 2012
Weinakademiker: 2014
Sherry Educator: 2017
Spanish Wine Scholar: 2020

And so the wine adventure continues!